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We are the parent church of Koreans, established in the Netherlands on 6 January 1980,

and a community of Christians who hold the God-, Bible-, and Church-centredness as

their life principle. Serving our role as a spiritual home for Koreans and other foreign nationals in the Netherlands and developing co-operation and fellowship with local Dutch churches and churches of other nationalities, we hope to take an active part in the world evangelism, as well as in maturity of the Korean Church. 


The Korean Reformed Church in the Netherlands (KRCN) is a church that devotes itself for providing a spiritual resting place by preaching the gospel to the Koreans who stay in the Netherlands as sojourners. We also hope to contribute toward evangelization of the whole Europe and the world starting from the local community and the Netherlands.

This vision is made up of four "core values" whereby we form:

"Upward, a community of worship that praises and glorifies God"

"Downward,  a community of education that is rooted in Scripture, prayer,

and practice of love."

"Outward,  a community of mission to be is the light and salt of the world to

the neighbours, the nation, and the world."

"Inward, a community of love where the members serve and relate with each

other in love."

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